Ref School AZ - TBA


I think Ref School AZ should know that they have a great thing going. I have only gone to 4 camps total in my career so I can't say it's THE best in the Nation, but from my experience, it's definitely the only camp I can say with confidence "I will save the date for this camp next year"

It was my first camp and I learned so much and loved everything about it. That was confirmed by the fact that veteran officials who had been to other camps have rave reviews also! I will be attending again...

Great camp, well organized and the online handbook is great. Able to check assignments on the phone was a big plus. Positive feedback works better than negative. As a team you were consistent in providing positive feedback or approach from curious. "Could we maybe have done this or that better?" Did we think about this? Great culture and inviting atmosphere.

I really loved the camp and how friendly the clinicians were to the campers.

Ref School Arizona Inagural Class of 2018